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Deliver results on a scale only AI can achieve.

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What we do for you

We provide business critical insights for your organization, the adoption of our solution will bring transparency, clarity and trust into cost accounting and allocation, cost reduction and product and spend categorization.

We recognize your data is unique, and the insights will need explanation and customization, so we provide business analyst support online to your Subject Matter Experts to generate the material required to execute on our insights.


We deliver results on a scale only AI can achieve…

By classifying manufacturers and reseller products and services, we discover product and supplier substitution opportunities.

Our Spend Commoditization-AI will catalogue, predict and manage company spend, bringing transparency, clarity and trust to every invoice transaction.

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We deliver results on a scale only AI can achieve…

By uncovering financial misstatements, we discover human error, fraud, waste, and abuse.

Our AI-Audit of the General Ledger brings transparency, clarity and trust into cost accounting and allocation.

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We deliver results on a scale only AI can achieve…

By identifying all items at a transaction level, we discover price variations, benchmarks, supplier ranking.

Our AI-Insights of the invoice data will bring transparency, clarity and trust into your strategic decision making.

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Our unique data analytics

hunterAI is a completely automated generative AI & ML Spend data analytics offering. After data ingestion, as fast as 3 weeks, your next interaction with hunterAI will be the delivery of insight reports of actionable savings opportunities, quantified, evidenced, and ready to be realized.​


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Our Mission

Larry Bridge, Bridge Health Partners

Jeffrey Heenan-Jalil, Founder and CEO

Cancer effects and touches many people.  Having lost my brother to this tragic disease, this was a trigger to question and gather the courage…to either stay in corporate or forge my own path.  Understanding the inequities in delivering healthcare versus private sector profits, I aligned to a common mission statement “to improve and save lives”, and by creating a technology platform, providing Hospital Systems and Healthcare leaders transparency to actual cost of products and services they acquire.    

GPO-Health, dba hunterAI, has a deliberate purpose to achieve this goal.  The price variation for the same commodities across Health Systems is vast, the gaps too often are too huge to comprehend, directly impacting the number of individuals to be cared for.  The simple equation, more funds available, increases the amount of people positively impacted.  We want to empower our clients to realize real savings that can be reinvested into their clients, driving the healthcare industry change for the better.  

Our Mission:  As we migrate into other sectors and geographies, to identify and realize savings and value opportunities for all our clients.

Cloud-native solution

hunterAI’s analytics platform is built as Cloud-Native Architecture with a focus on efficient data storage and extremely high data security, complying with all US data security regulations. The business-critical technology generative AI provides a vastly scalable and highly adaptable technological foundation.​

hunterAI offers an end-to-end solution that moves through data ingestion, vendor and member de-duping, and deep categorization, to automatically populate insight reports relevant to you Spend data.​​

These reports will provide transparency to your Spend, bringing you insight to, and control of, your organization’s Spend, showing opportunities by type, magnitude, and category; evidenced automatically with our RTP function.​

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What industry experts say

Take guidance from your peers, they’ve already mobilized towards the hunterAI data analytics solution that is furthering their organizations and reducing the costs pressure of their environment.

Larry Bridge, Bridge Health Partners

hunterAI is led by smart, well-connected healthcare leaders who understand the industry and the needs of their healthcare clients.

Larry Bridge, Principal, Bridge Health Partners, LLC​

Ayan Mukerji, Inforgain​

Customers are looking for smart and intelligent process and cost optimization innovation. hunterAI’s platform and business model is well-positioned to disrupt the traditional IT services industry.

Ayan Mukerji, President & CEO, Infogain​

Kevin Lewis, Community Health Options

We see the value beyond the engagement… we are now looking at our total spend, getting that assessed to see where further opportunities lie…

Kevin Lewis, President & CEO, Community Health Options

Will Kilbreth, Community Health Options​

As a small plan I felt like I had enterprise-wide procurement specialists working for me, which only large plans have. All the discussions the team did with the vendors was a big time-saver and I still get to make the final decision of who to use!

Will Kilbreth, CIO, Community Health Options​

Joe Lastinger, Health Plan Alliance​

HPA recognized very early that hunterAI has a unique approach to a very complex challenge.

Joe Lastinger, President, Health Plan Alliance​

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