Your window into your data. These dashboards facilitate full spend data transparency and present the savings opportunities your can realize.

hunterAI business analysts offer continued support to further facilitate the deliverables on savings.​

Opportunity Control Tower: Member Opportunity Identifier*​

Overview of your members' opportunities, direct your consultants toward the most beneficial engagements for your members.​

Spotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualizationSpotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualization
  • This is an immediate assessment of Spend health against the relevant peer group.
  • Can provide GPO wide evaluation of members, and where the greatest savings opportunities exist.
  • Engagements can be guided by type or value, providing complete direction for member savings opportunities.

    * Available as part of consultancy
  • See a quantitatively ranked listing of the members' opportunities value.​
  • All opportunity variants are ranked by value, allowing your SMEs to further assess which engagements to pursue.
  • Request to Proceed (RTP) allows all engagements to be immediately evidenced for your consultants.

Member Control Tower: External Benchmarking

Your control, over your data. Use this report to truly understand the health of your Spend data and the opportunities it holds.

  • Immediate assessment shows you where your Spend performance is good, and what needs your attention.​
  • Comparison to your peers, directs you to your next focus to improve.​​

    *Available as part of consultancy
  • Your opportunities are highlighted for detailed investigation at the push of a button.​
  • You can keep you finger on the pulse of your Spending patterns.
  • Your data KPIs are compared to the best in class for your industry.​​
Data Sense Dashboard — iMac visualizationSpotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualization

Data Baseline: Spend Transparency

Our first "pass" in capturing and  filtering your raw data feed into the ai platform. ​A primary focus on "INVOICE" data and their detail facilitates the derivation of your Spend at a commodity level.

Top Commodities Dashboard — iMac visualizationSpotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualization
  • Your true Spend composition regardless of vague GL account coding.
  • Immediate benchmarking and summary of your data, identifying what is going well, and where improvements can be made.
  • Low data levels indicate areas for investigation, full transparency for your data.
  • Summarized and evaluated, your data is analyzed for completeness. ​
  • Benefits and detail of the Vendor name AI de-duping processes that have cleansed your data.
  • Your commodities and data KPIs are headlined for further detailed analysis.​
  • Exists as your data baseline, against which your progress is checked.
  • Illuminating your true category spend composition regardless of GL account posting.
  • A commonsense check of your data against industry insights.

Price Cost Avoidance

Near Real-Time Cost Recovery program delivering insights to members on a continuous basis​.​

  • High detailed and specific data checks can be made through individual data point validation.
  • Commodities can be accurately targeted for specific savings or cost-avoidance initiatives.​
  • Precise commodity detail provided through hunterAI ID breakdowns, showing historic prices and cost-avoidance opportunities.
  • Standard vs Outlier filters can be personalized (upon executive agreement) to assess true price fluctuations vs unusual purchasing behavior to not invalidate savings or cost avoidance calculations.​
  • Explains all methodology behind cost-avoidance calculations in "Methodology" page.
Strategic Sourcing Dashboard — iMac visualizationSpotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualization

What else?

  • Price Compliance Benchmarking
  • Alternative Sourcing Options​
  • Request to Proceed
  • Tail Spend​
  • Configuration Price Comparison
  • End-User Computing Insights

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