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Finance Accounting & Control | Finance - CFO​

Transaction level cost allocation validation - effectively detect a material misstatement.​

Spotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualizationSpotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualization
  • Cost Accounting & Allocation. Beyond General Ledger accounts – detailed item costs transparency – misstatements identified within each General Ledger.
  • M&A Cost Reconciliation. The ability to quickly reconcile and integrate financial data from two entities reduces the “price paid”.
  • Deliver Cost Center Savings At a Low Level.
    Reduce item-product cost variance range.
  • Continuous Corporate Strategic Cost Reduction Program. Impact decision making, forecasting, and budgeting at the company level.
  • Empowering Financial Controllers: The tool provides an automatic check for the allocation of each individual transaction, making compliance controls for each Cost Center and GL account easier and faster, and enhancing clarity and transparency.
  • M&A Cost Reconciliation: Where uncover unseen misstatements, before the M&A transaction “price” is set, having a clean set of books will affect the EBITDA outlook, taking any errors out to ensure the multiple is based on the true costs. Post the acquisition, the AI output will accelerate synergy realization.
  • Delivering Cost Center Savings at a Low Level: By reducing the item-product cost variance range, substantial savings for the business can be achieved.
  • Continuous Corporate Strategic Cost Reduction Program: These strategies can significantly impact decision making, forecasting, and budgeting at the company level by providing more accurate cost data and highlighting potential areas for cost reduction.

Spend Transparency | Procurement - CPO

Savings Opportunities in Category Management, Cost Management, Strategic Sourcing.
All transactions are organized into clear hierarchy by algorithms with no human intervention enabling continuous optimization programs.

  • Detailed Analysis of Major Spend Areas
  • Identification of Hidden Tail Spend Areas
  • Exploration of Supplier Replacement Strategies
  • Crafting Product Substitution Strategies
  • VAR Insights
  • OEM Insights
  • A detailed analysis of major expenditure areas allows businesses to fully understand their primary expenses. Consequently, they can make informed decisions about resource allocation and identify potential areas for cost savings.
  • Identifying hidden tail spend areas can help businesses uncover potential savings and rebates through volume consolidation. This can lead to improved supplier relationships, better contract management, and increased purchasing power.
  • Exploring supplier replacement strategies allows businesses to evaluate their current suppliers' performance and cost-effectiveness. This opens up opportunities to explore alternatives and potentially negotiate better deals.
Data Sense Dashboard — iMac visualizationSpotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualization

Product & Spend Categorization | Supply Chain - SCO

Internal Item Master maintenance aligned to custom contract schema.

Top Commodities Dashboard — iMac visualizationSpotlight Spend Insights Dashboard — iMac visualization
  • Deep dive into vast digital repositories to extract critical product and service information.
  • Accurate product categorization with powerful AI and machine learning platform.
  • Uncover product codes and track utilization trends.
  • Identify key product attributes and cost discrepancies for strategic advantage.
  • Streamlined Operations & Forecasting: Increased efficiency and streamlined supply chain forecasting can lead to improved operational flow and more effective use of resources.
  • Improved Accuracy: Our system minimizes errors in contract management and fulfillment that prevents costly mistakes and discrepancies.
  • Empowered Negotiations: This clarity on all items involved in a contract can empower your team during contract negotiations, potentially leading to more favorable terms.
  • Strengthened Vendor Relationships: Accurate, organized item data fosters better relationships with vendors by ensuring smooth and precise contract execution. These improved vendor relationships can lead to more reliable service, better terms, and potential future collaborations.

What else?

  • Price Compliance Benchmarking
  • Alternative Sourcing Options​
  • Request to Proceed
  • Tail Spend​
  • Configuration Price Comparison
  • End-User Computing Insights

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