February 5, 2024

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Cost-saving solutions for health systems: Real-world success stories and outcomes from leading organizations. 3 predictions for AI in healthcare in 2024. How will AI reshape the world of healthcare procurement?

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Cost-saving solutions for health systems: Real-world success stories and outcomes from leading organizations

Healthcare leaders are facing increasing challenges, and things are only getting more complex with an ever-changing industry landscape. While patient demand for care is high, providers struggle to keep up amid staffing shortages, high labor costs, and administrative burdens. Many systems are turning to technology to streamline processes and reduce costs. Additionally, cybersecurity is at the top of the list of healthcare leaders' competing priorities.

It's not viable or realistic for healthcare organizations to tackle today's complex problems alone. This whitepaper report breaks down some of the top concerns from healthcare leaders today and details how the right partner can improve outcomes through greater access to person-centered care and reduce costs by accelerating the digitization and utilization of healthcare data.


3 predictions for AI in healthcare in 2024

Healthcare is a uniquely rewarding and, frankly, challenging field because it is a mixture of science, humanity, and the business of delivering care. Analytic rigor, empathy, and economic necessity all matter, and I'm proud to work in a field where so many talented people try continually to improve the balance of all three.

The greatest benefit of genAI in 2024 and beyond will be a growing understanding of all three areas. This matters to healthcare regulators who are looking to understand and deploy new technologies. It matters to researchers and doctors who are looking to better understand patients and how to deliver better treatments. And, it matters to healthcare companies and the millions of patients who are looking for ways to have more equitable and effective care.


How will AI reshape the world of healthcare procurement?

AI is not limited to just task though. It can also change what people are capable of and enhance productivity. For example, in healthcare AI-powered systems can assist doctors in diagnosing diseases by analysing vast amounts of medical data, including patient records, medical images and research papers. This collaboration between human expertise and AI algorithms leads to more accurate diagnoses, personalised treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.

AI is also revolutionising the way organisations analyse data. In the world of, AI algorithms can process massive volumes of financial data by identifying spending patterns, detecting anomalies and generating insights in real-time. This level of analysis was previously unattainable using traditional methods.

AI-powered spend analyticsenables organisations to make better data-driven decisions, optimiseprocurement processes, identify cost-saving opportunities, and enhancefinancial performance in ways that haven't been possible before.


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