Meet our team

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Team from the World

Highlighting the diversity within the team, such as the different nationalities and cultures.

100-year experience

The combined years of experience that the team has in the industry or relevant fields.

Hobbies and Interests

Some information about the hobbies and interests of team members, which can add a personal touch and make the team more relatable.

Education / Achievements

The academic qualifications of team members, including their degrees, certifications, and specializations.
Jeffrey Heenan-Jalil
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Jeff has over 30 years IT experience, of which 7 years were in leading procurement for Unisys and EDS across APAC; Over 10 years experience in Healthcare.
Dr.Vegi S.
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Some description
Becky Erbe
Chief Business Development Officer
Some description
Hunter Heenan-Jalil
Business Strategy Analyst
Some description
Svetlana Schenkova
Head of Analytics
Some description
Elena Trapezova
Senior Business Analyst
Some description
Simeon Kazakov
Data scientist
Some description